1 – What exactly is traffic control?

Traffic control involves moving pedestrians or vehicles around a construction zone, worksite, event or accident.

2 – Why do I need to have a traffic management plan created for my project or event?

A traffic management plan has to be created by a person(s) with relevant state approval, and it must detail the work undertaken and the foreseeable impact involved with this type of work.

3 – Who needs traffic control permits?

All contractors conducting work on, or nearby, roads. Without a permit, state road authorities, councils or WorkSafe inspectors can shut down your project and you may be issued with a heavy fine.

4 – I want to hire portable traffic lights for my roadwork project, what power base do I need to run them?

The portable traffic lights are battery-powered with solar powered backup recharging the battery.

5 – Why should we complete a hazard assessment (pre-start) prior to beginning our project?

Hazard assessments (pre-starts) are necessary to ensure the safety of all workers involved in the project, as well as the pedestrian and vehicular traffic that needs to move through the construction zone.